Friday, February 27, 2009


I believe i have come to a point, where my life will be changing. Recently, i have been doing some soul-searching and realised that i had missed out many great opportunities in life. This time, when the opportunities i am not going to let them go past me and i will seize them! Life have not been very bright since ORD due to the economic crisis.I have told myself to stop relying on my parents and yes i did it to some extent. Somehow or another i stop asking for money.(So proud of myself) The results: a starving mao. But i am sure my Jehova Jireh will provide and He is opening many doorways for me.o amongst the midst of recession, God is still showing Himself faithful to us.

Firstly, I got my GST OFFSET package. Secondly,i am still able to get some income rolling in via giving tuition and doing odd jobs during the Valentine Day.

Besides the small blessing, i am finally enroll to Tourism Academy at Sentosa! Wow now i have to figure ways to cut down on transport cost.

Now on a more serious note. A friend told me yesterday. That to be successful in the hospitality industry, one need to be people-centred. In a nutshell, at time i have been rather self-centred than people-centred. Sometimes, i am not aware of my surroundings or rather i am apathetic and this is something I ought to change.

The the friend carried on by telling me 2 anecdotes. The first one, tell of how do young people give up so easily nowadays. The second one, tell of how coward youngsters can be when it comes to the matter of one self-pride and dignity. Thanks God i know where i stand and definitely not as bad as the above mentioned characters. After all, we are to be more and more like Christ in our daily life. I am really appreciative of this friend of mine for telling me all these or else i would still be living life my way and not His ways. So God do send people, non-christian, christian, atheist, young men, women, girls and boys, old men and women, mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, strangers, to speak in our life.Listen to the criticism and you ought to but not all, evaluate and learn for those applicable.

So i am starting school real soon. The orientation package will start on 7 April to 17 April. Wow 10 days at Sentosa straight! Anyway, i will be spending half of my life there for the next 2 years AND ought to be accustomed to 'island life' over there. The school fees is astronomical to me. But i believe if It is from God, He will provide and papa is able. So i going to get a job and fend for myself.

Time to grow up boy!

Till then shall blog more~ before that let me dedicate this poem to a friend of mine:


Rihanna ribena
Not the singer but the drink
Sound alike, but is world apart
She sings you drink it
So don mix them up.

Rihanna ribena
Not the skin but the colour
Seems alike but only literally
She's black it is red
So don mix them up

Rihanna ribena
Not the look but the taste
Sexy she is sweet it is
You ogle her and drink it
So don mix them up

Dance to the rhythm
Drink to your content
Umbrella in one hand
Cup in another
On a rainy day
umbrella shelter you
while u drink ribena

Rihanna ribena
When will i see her drinking ribena
Perhaps in my dream

Note: this is not meant to insult Rihana. And i am a fan of her too!. if she reads it, hope she will like it too. Go gal!



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