Friday, December 12, 2008

A wrong move

Sometimes i really wondered if to would be better if i were to take the poly route instead of going to JC. I was devastated when i saw my A'level results last year. My 2 years of work had somehow gone into the drain. Not that i did not work hard enough. Or maybe not as hard and as smart as how others did. I really though at times, i had made one of the worst choice in life to go into JC. Perhaps i took the wrong subject combinations. Perhaps i went into the wrong class or enter the wrong stream. i always think that i should have gone to arts instead of science. There are so many "Perhaps"s, so many "maybe"s and "i think"s. All these have somehow filled up a fraction of my brain space. It will be better off done without them. Every of these word creates scars in my heart. but i thank God that it is because of His word that i am still going strong.

"Remember Lot's wife." Indeed many times in life, we are like Lot's wife, looking back at our past. We make our past the present and living our life like things have not changed. Our oblivious mindset refused to move on. We dwell on in the history and never step into the promises God is giving us. Many times my regrets have gotten the better out of me. But i know no matter what situations your life may be in. We need to be moving on at all times with God. We need to be embracing the future and learn from our past at the same time.

God word have brought me out of that transient darkness. Now i am free in the name of Jesus! it may be a wrong move but God have never wasted any moment in our life. In Psalm we know we are to plan our ways and God will determine the steps. It is at some point in time we happened to step at he wrong staris or path despite being in the plan that God have for us. Failure is simply God's way of telling us "Son, you have gone the wrong way, go this way!" Hence it is necessary to make a detour in life sometimes. If you persisted to go your own ways, you might end up being more loss than you were. Detour is not a longer way but simply a way to search for new opportunities to cliched your ultimate goal in life.

So what is the "this way" God have called me into? It is not the heavenly time to reveal it now and i am sure God have a great path for me. The future ahead may be full of thorns and may not be a bed of roses. But i am sure that my God will see me through the darkness in the valley. I am making a detour. I am definitely going to detour with God and not stubbornly stick back to the old ways, continuing the same old road and seek self destruction.

Friends, if you happened to be reading this entry. I would like to encourage everyone who had or is facing the same situation as me or whatever bad situation it may be, to put behind your past failure and embrace the promising future that God have for you. No situation in life is too big or bad for our God to handle!



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