Friday, December 5, 2008

Where is the love?

Today i decided not to bore u people with my mundane life.

Life itself is a probability out of an infinity. The moment our parents decided to bring us to this world through their love-making, they do not anticipate how we going to be liked when we come out. This itself is the science of probability and combination at work. The gametes have numerous plausible ways to pair up and give rise to different genetic make-up that eventually churn out life forms such as us. Any slight distortion to the genome will be disastrous. So sometimes i really wonder why would God allow people with disability to be born into this world. Won't it be better that God will just let them go to heaven while they are still in their mother's womb. Why let them experienced the cruelty of this world? Why let them suffer silent cries that no one other than themselves would know? Why would God allow such misfortunes to take place if He is really good to us?

My years of pondering have left me understand that God have everything planned for and every creation he makes has a purpose in themselves. A ant no matter how minute they are show the diligence in God through their ceaseless effort to bring forth the harvest to the ant colony. The bacteria no matter how microscopic they can be, is either lethal to us or beneficial to out health. A plant that do not have the ability of locomotion, bring forth fresh oxygen into our ecosystem. Through all these wondrous observation, i come to conclude that indeed God have intended for a purpose in any living creation in this world.

I thank God thank God that we are made in His image. It is this biblical truth, that we know we do not behave like wild animals do. Through this revelation, we know we are different from other beasts of the field. Human(Homosapien sapien) possess the most complex intellect amongst all creatures. We are civilised. We appreciate arts and music. We work with technology we have invented. We feel . We think. We consume. We also know of the most rudimentary purpose of our life that is reproduction. All these seems ordinary. But it is this very normality that deviates us away from wild animals. No matter how random our existence can be in this life time. It all happened because have intended for it to take place.

So God gives Adam a purpose when he was created. Adam is to work int he Garden of Eden and attend to the plants and tame the animals there. He has dominion over all the creatures of the earth and he have to use his creativity to name the numerous animal under his charge. He do not sloth. In fact, he work real hard. Through his diligence, he gained respects from all the animals. But somehow, things seem missed in his life. God realised it and make him a companion using a rib from his body. Out came Eve. She is to be the helper of Adam and assist him in his work. One day the most wicked serpent(Satan) tricked Eve into letting Adam and herself eat of the apple of the Knowledge of good and evil. After eating, both of them realised they are naked and hid from the glory of God. Because of this the human race fall short of the glory of God and sin.

This story depicts a short history of why the Human race sins against God. Is it because of one man's sin, that we all have to shoulder the blame?

God did not intend to curse us. But He so love us that he sent His Son Jesus to die for us. It is because of the blood of Jesus, that we are make pure and blameless before Father God. It is also not in His will to allow misfortunes to take place in this world. The plight which u have seen people suffered is not because of God's anger. But it is because that through them, that we may see the Love of God being manifested. The love of God knows no boundaries. It all requires a little personal touch from every individual to make this world a better place. Life in itself is not a misery. It all depends on the people living that life of his or hers. Sometimes, we are so self centered because of our fallen human nature, that we tend to forget to bring love to the needy out there. That we tend to forget to even tell people around us a genuine "I LOVE YOU". We did but it can be out of for the sake of saying it.

The black eyed pea song" Where is the love?" is so meaningful. A song that has a message behind it and yet not preachy. So many times, i have been questioning "where is the love?" But God's love does not keeps me pondering for it is the answer. Next time, if you sense the lawlessness and callousness of this world, this society, this community you are living in. You just got to know that the love of God is everywhere and most importantly, it is also within us-in our heart.



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