Sunday, November 9, 2008

Horrible Weekends

My normal weekend routine have somehow been disrupted because of my commitments in camp. I shall not talk about that. 2 weekends burnt and yesterday i have diarrhoea until now. I look so dishevelled now. I literally passed out whatever i had eaten. Yesterday COS was one of the worst i ever had. Not that it is tough. In fact, we had cleared arms very early. The rest of the day, i were rotting in office, watching tv, playing guitar. While i was in the midst of rotting, 'it' started. And, i cannot stop visiting the toilet. In the end, i went to toilet more than 10 over times! To make matter worst, i cannot even slept in peace. The moment i wanted to sleep, i would want to go toilet. So the day passed with me making numerous visit to same cubicle. Thank you Fabian for keeping me entertained and taking care of me.

Today, just as i thought i have become better, i had made another few visits to the toilet. I felt so horrible. Whatever i ate, just passed out. In the end, Encik sponsored for my medical fees and asked Arden to send me to see doctor. Thank God for good friends who will show you care and concerns when you need them. I took my medication, i went back to sleep straight. Now, wei wei have to replace me for BN EX. Oh perhaps, this is a blessing in disguise. But somehow, i kind of want to go outfield. Yes, i am contradicting. Well what can i say? God is humorous in His own ways.

Now i feel abit emo. So i decided to write a song. Please do not laugh if it seems like gibberish...

One In a Million

A random feelings i have
Deep within me
I can't help
But to feel
The sadness within

I thought to myself
Will she ever know?
Will she ever realised?
All but none
It is nothing

But what can i do
to hide my feelings
But what can i do
to be feeling better

For you are the one
deep within me
my soul, heart and mind

But what can i say
to let you know
But what can i sing
to deliver my cries

For she is the one
deeper than the sea
for i will never know

For she is the one
clearer than river
for i will realise

So come to me baby(so come and fill my heart)
So come to me baby(so never break my heart)
So come to me baby( so you are all i need)
That the world may know
You are my one in a million

Well hope you will like it. Kinda random i know, just some random lyrics that have just happened to float in my mind.



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