Friday, October 31, 2008


As promised(tot i am abit late), here i am updating you guys what hve i been doing the past two weeks. I thank God that i sure had had one fo the most fruitful days of my life. First week and second week i went K BOX with my friends.We had a great time singing to our hearts' contents.

Then after a few days of rotting at home, I finally started my long awaited diving session. To cut the long story short, i had summarise my diving experience using the acroynm below

N- Novelistic experience ( it is my first ime diving and it is really exciting!)
A- Adventurous (it is really adventurous to explore the underwater world
T- Technical ( diving requires technical details and you to be skillful)
U- Unique (life on the island is unique and carefree)
R- Rigorous ( Diving is a very tiring and energy-intensive sport.)
E- Engaging the nature is my main objective for this trip

Besides the above mentioned, i would also like highlight the rich marine life that P.Dayang have. (See photos above). So we ahd load of fun throughout the 3 days. All we did are basically eat dive and dive then eat and dive then eat and all the way until night time. This is no wonder divers grow fat! I cannot imagine myself leading this type of lifestyle everyday (but once in a while, it would be a blessing hehe) Food served there were considered average. The beauty and tranquility of the island is something one will not forget.

On the island, i also found this extremely super duper cute kitten. I almost wanted to smuggle it back to Singapore... but thank God I did not.

Isn't it adorable?

And of cause, how can we forgot to cam whore at such a beautiful island.

At night, we chilled out. Beer + peanuts= Old man chilling style. I felt so bloated after the beer. We sat facing the sea and just stared blankly into the night sky. The sea breeze blew at us and we felt so SHIOK!

So 3 days passed by without us really realising it. Life at the island is simply so carefree. For once, we can slow down our paces and get away from the hustle bustle of life. Again, it is another half a day ride back home. Ya home sweet home!

LOL SCANDALOUS! Hope Hui lian don't get jealous of me!

Still then, i shall blog more later!



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