Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rewards after a HARD work

Today woke up at 7 plus in the morning to go back camp. I was there to do 'SPA' for our baby. Oh horrendous experience shan't talk of it. After that went to town with Wei ming and Wei Leong. On the train we took pics of us wearing wei leong's black nerdy specs

Then we decided to have lunch at the Thai Express located at City Link. Had fried beef kway tao for lunch. It was delicious but the portion was little for the price of $10.90. Leong was joking about the Thai are poor so needa increase price (OH NO LINK MANHZ!) After lunch, we were sleepy and had a power nap there.

So we were idling around at Marina Centre, trying to shop for Jon's present but in the end it was futile. We went chill out at Star buck and had a great time reminiscing about our old trainee days. I remembered how much i disliked Leong back in ASC time. The irony is now i am sitting beside him talking about our life! Jia jia joined us a while after that.

We had our dinner at New York New York. I ate a sandwich as our rather full.

After our dinner, we got a free treat of candy floss from the cafe. The candy floss were humongous!

We had had a fun and hard time finishing the candy floss. In the end, we ended up putting the remaining candy floss in the water and let it dissolve. Wow what a sugary treat~!

After dinner, it's time to go home.

OOPS we left out Leong!

Cool reflection ar!

Till then shall blog more!



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