Thursday, November 20, 2008


Finally, we managed to send our big baby for shipment to New Zealand. Guess that ends our 2 weeks of horror or perhaps not...

just goy back from camp and am so relieved that i am out of it. Don't know why, i getting impatient. I am looking forward to ORD reall realy soon! But now it is so near yet so far. Nah... i seriously hate this feeling. It's squeezing me breathless at times. However the irony is, i am getting used to my way of life in the army now. Well, i think i will need time to adapt to civillian life real soon. Haha one more BN EX to go. I pray everything will go smoothly.

Why today's entry is entitled 'Finally...' because i finally am home! Hahah kk i am being lame. But i really missed home and i missed my family lar. lol

Going to pluck out my wisdom teeth tomorrow. I pray i will still be able to make it to Jon's party after that. Oh God i pray for speedy recovery after the surgery and that everything will go smoothly. Before that i am going to sign up for my drumming lesson. Hope it is not too late

I am so excited at what God is going to do in my life. I can feel that financial blessings are coming real soon. Till then, i hope to blog more about the goodness of God in my life.



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