Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday to Sunday

The past few days were fulfilling. Benny Hinn's service was power-packed with many signs and wonders happened. Through him, we know of the third dimension of anointing.Dr AR Bernard is such an anointed preacher. Thank him for the revelation of changing a person and transform a place. Wouldn't life be wonderful, if Christians will be bothered enough to reach out to anyone regardless of who they are, how they look, or what pasts they had. If we were all to look at everyone through God's eyes, we will see them as soul that really need Christ. A prayer i pray that we will not have any prejudices or judgemental attitudes towards anyone, just like the religious Pharisee.

Part of my beloved cg

HAHA ya most of them are gals. But soon there will be more guys in the name of JESUS!

So poor thing, eating cup noodles on the floor...

On friday, i had two of my wisdom tooth plucked out. The surgery was an interesting one. The surgeon was experienced and skillful in what she does. Less than 15 minutes, she had my two impacted wisdom teeth removed. Wow i did not feel pain at all!(Haha wait till the anaesthetic effect wear off) So, i went home with a swollen right cheek and a bloody mouth. I lost so much blood and thought i would faint any moment. And truly enough i hyperventilated and almost fainted. Mum was so worried. But thank God for kind Samaritans who assisted me and gave me a seat on the train and fanning me all the way. The aftermath was horrible. I could not sleep for the pain was intensified and i was bleeding non-stop. I prayed and laid hand over my cheek and truly, God miraculously sped up the recovery process. Within less than 6 hours my wound stopped bleeding and i was well after that. Hee take a look at my extracted wisdom teeth:

Mum and me with a swollen 'pig' face lol

I made up my mind, that i would pursue a career in the airline or hotel-related field. I had always be dreaming of working in an hotel or flying around serving as an air steward. If i said that it is not for the glamour, that would be a lie. Yes i like the glamour and riches that come along with such prestigious job. But after knowing Christ, i know my dream is His dream for me, my vision is what He gives me, my vocation is what He called me into. So as far as possible, i will engage the industry, the culture or whatever you call it. 'Kristos Kai Kosmo'-Christ in culture'. Al tough i am not ready yet, but i believe three years would be a long enough time of preparation for me to become more spiritually matured and mentally and physically prepared for the the challenges ahead in the field. And ya that answers one of the queries in my life- to study Hotel and Tourism management.

Now, there are so many decisions that i need to make in life. Decisions that either break me or rise me up higher. God's guidance is so important to me now. Till then, I shall blog more.



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