Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vision that will come to past

As always, My God have been good to me.Today's service was short but powerful. The presence of God is so tangible and i really felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart. God gave me a vision of me serving in the airline and also hotel. It is a very vivid image that was imprinted in my mind. I believe this is what God is calling me into. So i pray that whatever difficulty there may be along the way, i will walk with Jesus to see the vision coming to a past. Like what Paul said, we are being press, squeeze and put through the fiery furnace. but all these do not break us, but it make us stronger. Just like a clay, when passed through fire it becomes hard and strong. Likewise, when God put us through trials and tribulations and break us in any way we cannot imagine, we will emerge stronger than we were.

All a sudden, i sense faith arise within me. I know the time is now. I know my family and friends will have an encounter with God. So God cause me to seize the opportunity now and never ever let go till i see the harvest coming in. Use me in a greater way i pray. Mould me in Your ways and make me a better person so that people around me will feel the change in me which happened because of a Living God.

Christmas is coming and i have the faith that whatever visions that God have given me will come to past. Soon i will see the idol in my family change to a cross! Soon, i will see bible in the living room. Soon, i will see cell group meeting happening every week at my house. Till then shall blog more!



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