Sunday, February 22, 2009


A gift from heaven
Bequeathed to us
Where it came from
Heaven or hell
No one know

A bond from heaven
Knit two hearts together
Love seems so easy
Yet is complex
Hard or Easy
Lovers will know

A song from heaven
Melody that resonante
Lyrics that touch us
Rythm that beats within
Dance to the beat
Happy or sad
Only we know

A love from heaven
Pure yet lustful
Trueful heart and feeling
At a delieman
Where is the love from
Heaven or hell
Right or wrong
Only God knows

Eternity dwindle destiny unfold
What is ahead is a life-time blessing
or a blessing in disguise
An ardous journey
Full of hardship
Difficult it may be
we still strive on
Condemn or bless
Only heaven reveals

God's love is big
Bigger than the universe
His love encompasses our weaknesses
When we are weak He is strong
His love is faithful
despite our fear
His love is pure
and cleanse us anew
We were dirty then we are clean
On the cross
we are redeemed
We shall not be ashamed



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