Monday, February 16, 2009

Post- NS

Without knowing,almost 2 years have past at the blink of an eye.My stay at P.Tekong seem like yesterday. After 1 year and 10 months of service to the nation, i am back to be a civilian. My NS experience was a pleasant ones. In between, little anecdotes of everyday story happened.It is through all the small details in life that have help to transform me. Indefinitely, God is the one that have changed me.(i believe to be a better person)Apart from all the sanguine and happy moments. Life during NS can be bleak and dark too. After all, you are being dragged into a mini society, to see the many sides of human nature. Sometimes, it forced you to change even though you resist. Change is the only constant in life. One need to be constantly changing to be better (if not worst) My experience in NS have mould me to be a better person. I can boldly, i am not the scaredy cat of last time. I can tell you, no i work faster. I can now i am more masculine than last time. I can say i am now stronger in my character.

I used to be looking forward to ORD, to the extent that i get edgy at times. Now i am officially declare a civilian, got back my pink IC,got back my freedom and i am relieve. But reality is always cruel. I think i am suffering from Post-NS syndrome. There will be period of time, where i felt lost and lack of a sense of direction in life. Things are very much different now. In NS, you no need to worry about money. You do not earn much, but at least it kept you surviving. Back then, you no need to worry about food, for the Army always provide more than enough for you. You led a more disciplined life, being conformed to the regimentation and routine of the camp life. You definitely keep yourself fit. Now it takes you more than discipline to keep up with your fitness. Now you have to go about looking for job, extra source of income.but But i know of all those above stated, i need not worry for my Father in heaven is an awesome provider. I might not be earning much, but int time to come He will bless me. I might not be as fit as last time, but in time to come, i will be better than last time. After all your life should from glory to glory with God.

I am sort of missing the time back in Army. I am missing the 'sai kai' we used to be doing together. I am missing the days we had had washed the gun for 6 days straight. I miss those days where we would stay vigilant to catch MSK during OPS VL.I miss the numerous battery cohesion. I miss my men.I miss the camp, the bunk, every part of it. I miss the time i ran for the division and unit. I miss IPPT. I miss people calling me 'sergeant'. I miss the days in NZ. All these good and bad times in the Army have challenged me to change.

Now i am entering into another phase of life.Things are becoming so differnt now. I need to get a job to feed myself and not relying too much on my parents.Now with the given freedom, it comes with great responsibility for me to lead a righteous life, at least tomove on further from when i ORD. I am no longer a soldier, but i am a civilian. Every challenge in life, i shall face it like david killed Goliath with a stone. Nothing is too big for My God to handle. Thank God i am a free man now!

Till then shall blog more.



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