Thursday, January 29, 2009

Memoirs of Kiwi Land

You name it she has it all- peace and tranquility, natural wonders, cleand and green, cows(more than the population of singapore), overflowing of milk and honey and not forget KIWI! Well this applies only to the beautiful countryside.

On the contrary, the urban areas differ very much from the countryside. The urban junkies are moslty a hella nightmare as compared to the angelic country folks. First time in my life, i got verbally abused for my skin colour while walking nonchanlantly on the street! Auckland is beautiful with clean and almost litter-free streets. The night life is vibrant and colourful. Exceot that the locals are horrible. The night street of Auckland is eceptionally dangerous for an Asian to be travelling alone. So it would be better for you to travel in a group of at least 4 or more.

On my last day at Auckland, we went around the city aimlessly, not knowing what to expect but only to discover the ugly reality of this world- racism is still an imminent problem in this world and especially prevalent in our dear kiwi land.Wel i shall leave this issue at it is now. Thank God everything was alright.

This NZ trip is indefinitely an eye-opening experience to me. For the past 2 weeks, we had been fed with beef and more beef. Every morning,noon or night, you will hear " Beef or lamb/chicken/fish." from the amiable server at the counter. Not being alamb eater, i had had beef for most of the time, as poultry is rare. The fish and chips served are great! Every meals will be accompanied with an endless supply of milk and toasts.Kiwi land is truely a haven for milk lovers- i never drank so much milk in my whole life!

Honey there is cheap.I bought back a dozen as gifts for family anf relatives. I bought many shirts and key chains too and i spent NZ 420 dollars in totAL!

Pardon me for i cannot blog about any things reagarding the exercise. But i can always share wiht you the photos and the picturesque view of New Zealand, which are certainly an awesome sight to behold! Overall, EX Thunder Warriors 2009 was a huge success! Tehre were zero accidents and everyone came back fully and have a whole new experinces added into their life. Thank God that i ams till alive@! Now i think we have become better friends, working partners and a battalion that people wil remember.

Now i am missing the cooling weather, the endless supply of milk, the scenic countryside, the friendly country folks, the peace and tranquility back at waioru..... and of coz i miss kiwi!

Till then shall blog more!



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