Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Twilight is romantically beautiful and awesome. Forbidden vamipre-mortal loveship, powerful blood-thristy vampire, vegetarian vampires, eccentric melody and background music with a tinge of romance and classical feel, governed the show. Dashing and handsome vampire with gorgeous gusty damsel are a pleasing match to the eyes.

The plot is simple and yet catchy. The actors are too overtly professional but am still able to act out the essence of the romance tale. The lightings and style of filming liken that to "Romeo and Juliet". The dialouge is somehow shakepearish in nature. This show is great for couples who want something that is sweet with a little bit of action. The show is above average overall. Everything seems just nice. The last part keeps you in suspense and make you yearning and anticipate the next sequel.

Watch the show withour pop corns and coke and just plain water. You will hear that uneccesary noise is not there and the water will remeind uyou of the plain and yet sweet relationship between Edward amd Bella.The music is great so do not taint it with your cracky noise from all the pop-corn comsumption!



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