Friday, December 19, 2008

Summary for the past few weeks

Hmm haven been bloggin for like one week.... decide to be informal so pls get used to my msn language.

Hmm so on 12 Dec Fri

I went union dinner with my parents. Had a sumptuous meal and enjoyed watchin Kumar telling racist jokes and his drag show.

After dinner, took a stroll at Orchard road. Saw ppl wearing a very cute mini santa hat hair clip and decided to buy some since it is also for a charitable cause.

Camwhore with my little rascal cousins and they are relli cute in the pics.

Following on 14 Dec Sun

Brought mum to CG BBQ Christmas party. Pray mum will receive salvation. Took a few pics with frens. Played guitar and sang with Ivan. Was touched by the video show for My Hope Singapore and Jes's testimony. After tat, dragged my feet back to camp......

Then on 17 Dec Thurs

Went Aunt Song Hua's CG XMAS PARTY with mum. Again prayed God will open mum;s heart for salvation. The CG is super evangelsitic. Half of the ppl who turned out were new frens. Thew food prepared was delicious and cant help but eat more. Guilty of havin eaten 10 prawns, 12 slices of ham, 2 plates of been hoon, 5 bread. Mum was abit touched by the video (this time in mandrain) The cg was so amiable and played good host. Happy that mum made a few frens there. Sun gonna bring mum to church and this time she shall be saved in the name of Jesus!

After tat went played guitar with Jethro bro. Still learning how to strum the guitar correctly....

19 Dec Fri

Went to gym. Aftert tat went home and prepared for unit xmas celebration at GWC. Watched "The Day the Earth stood still". Was boring at the beginning almsot fall asleep. Towards the end realsied it is actulli quite meaningful. After tat went to Farenheit concert at SIS wif sis. Overall the concert was gd.

Now sleepy le.... needa sleep till then shall blog more!



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