Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Frutiful Sunday

The seed of faith have already been sow and the harvest has come. Today i was so excited when i walked down the aisle with mum. I was tearing. The years of prayers and works paid off at long last. Mum got save and i really prayed it is a genuine conversion of the heart.

Chinese service is having a great revival. The atmosphere at the auditorium was filled with faith of all the believers. Revival has come and i prayed revival will come to my household too.

Went to JP with Jieyi and Jac today. JP has changed so much! The three of us were like looking for Christmas's presents. In the end i bought mum and dad a massage pillow and really hope that it will do them good. I spent alot on the present and now i am broke.... wondering how ma i going to survive for the next 3 weeks till pay day come...

We passed by the Girodano shop and were 'scavenging' for clothes. We were no different from any typical singaporeans. We were burrowing through the heap of shirts which cost $10 each. We literally threw off whatever that were not pleasing to our eyes. Oh i really pitied the sale gal and boys who are going to clear up the mess we have created. In the end we left the shop without buying a single thing!

We had dinner at the noodle store. I was upset with the portion and the service there. The bak chou mee is overtly priced($4.30!)The portion was little and the toppings were miserable. I was expecting the real thing to be like what i saw in the display pictures. In the end i gt a big bowl with a miserable small portion of noodle, few slices of mushrooms and meat.... i am still hungry! I am not going eat there ever!

After dinner, we went to stroll around at the Fairprice X-tra. it is just like another Giant, full of cheap stuffs but of higher class. There we met little cute Dora and took pics with him/her. I asked Dora whether is she/her a girl or boy then he/she gave me a very cute reply by pointing at Jac and me and in between us. There was also this security guard beside he/she protecting it. Jas was mischievous and decided to pull a prank on Dora and was sort of gt told off by him. We went to action city and mini toons to continue our search for presents.IN the end the two ladies managed to find some good bargain there and bought in a load o stuffs there.

After that we had bubble tea and were cam-whoring all the way...

trying to act ugly
act cheerful
cheerful look 2
Bubble tea advertisement?
The two girls

'Drug' addicts
Getting high on 'drugs'

Act cute 4.5.6 pose
Act cute 1.2.3 pose
Bubble tea commercial for sweet talk
After the cam-whoring session, we went our separate ways. With mum's salvation and having bought lot of stuffs, today are indeed a fruitful sunday!
Till then will blog more!



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