Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MOments and thoughts before TW 09

Now my room is in such a big mess. I wanted so much to clear up the mess, throw away unwanted stuffs but i do not have the heart to do it. It is in a total mess, feeling to disgraced to show your pictures of my room in its horrendous. I feel like i living in a pig sty and so it is time to do something about it lest i get sick. So i make up my mind, before i leave for New Zealand, i should give my room a one time good one spring cleaning!

So i should Begin with.....

1. choosing the extra and useless things to throw or give away.

2. putting things back to their original place

3. clearing up the piles of bags and clothes

4. rearrange the beds and cupboards in my room

I believe this will male my room a more conducive and comfortable place for resting and definitely solve the problems of mossies (the most hated creatures on Earth) breeding in my room.

It's exactly 30 hrs and 48 mins before i depart for New Zealand tomorrow. I am feeling so excited over this trip. Wow i cant wait to take pics of kiwi, cows, horses, sheep and the picturesque scenery view of the landscape there. I wonder how it would be liked to be there. I am sure the air there is fresher than here a 100 times. But i am also figuring out how can i survive the air con temperature of the climate there. So many
ne part of me is so excited to go there, another part of me don
t want to go.... oh might as well tear me apart man! Whatever it is, i pray i will be back in one piece and join my family for reunion dinner.

Dear God, i pray that everything will go on smoothly fromt te time we departed from Singapore all the way to the exercise end. May your protections and blessings be upon every single one of us during the trip. Let there not be any mishaps happen. But i pray every single one of us will come back alive and in one full piece to join our family for reunion dinner. In Jesus' name i pray Amen!

Still then, i will upload lots of pictures of cows, horses, kiwi and the beautiful scenery of New Zealand~!



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