Monday, December 29, 2008

December Summary

So it is another eventful month for me(November is the most horrible month of the year!) God has shown himself faithful all this while. Today i shall share with you what had happened in this last few days of the year and also my reflection for this year.

21 Dec: Mum got saved!

My lovely beautiful mum and me at JW auditorium

24 Dec: Family gathering at aunt house. Met up with my long lost cousins whom we had not meet for ages and we had an awesome dinner! Gift exchange made me feel as if i am a kid all a sudden.

My aunt's speciality beef stew

Honey-baked turkey stuffed with ham, herds,egg and sausages

Minced meat cuttle fish roll (My favourite!)

Mayonnaise egg salad salmon roll

Santa is giving presents away!

25 Dec: Christmas service. Wonderful message and great fellowship

Jeslyn and mao

Brothers in Christ Gary is a happier person now

Mao Shaun and Samuel
Shaun looks different outside camp!

28 Dec: Fellowship with god-brother and great party world mania with happy clique at Chinatown.

Wanz and mao

Caught singing in the act!
Mao treecloudian and Don

After braces and with braces on

treecloudian and Don

We cam whore again at the train
Irwin din sleep for ages

Happy K-session

Mao and treecloudian again

Somehow we look abit alike

29 Dec: CG thanksgiving. Great steamboat wow so full! (Pics to be uploaded soon)
Year 2008. An eventful year of my life. I had become more spiritual and more matured. Still, there is always room for improvement. After all, change is the only constant in life. We need to be constantly changing for the better in order to get ahead of others in all aspects of our life. If i would say what are the changes in me, i would say God had make me a more outspoken person, my will had become stronger and i had more confidence in myself. Relationship-wise, more quality time are spent with family, more real friendships are fostered along the way. Indefinitely, new friends are also found. All the people that have walked in my life, be it acquaintances, hi-bye friends, good friends, strangers all are a part of the chapters of my life. Coming to the end of this year, i really am glad that i am still here on this Earth, because people around me make things happen in my life. After all, no man is an island. We need friends that will make things happen for us, to support us, to edify us, to bring us to the next level. I am glad i make the right choice of friends.
I thank God for His faithfulness, His strength and anointing upon me, the favor of men upon me, for everything good things in my life. There were times, i felt lost but He always led me through. Though i may walk through the valley of death, i shall not be afraid because God is with me and i am sure. 2007, I faced the greatest set back in my life, i was lost for awhile, dead in my spirit but thank God 2008, i found back the path that is set for me. There are many things that i had done that are sinful and not pleasing in His sight,things i had hoped that i had never done, but His grace is always sufficient to forgive a sinner like me.
I believe after ORD, life will have a 180 degrees change for me. Perhaps better or worst but i am sure it will never be the same. Whatever it may be, i will walk with Him till i am call back to be with Him. Perhaps the days ahead will be hard, perhaps i will lost the direction again but i know He will always pick me back up again.

Pepople i want to thank:
Mum and dad for bringing me to this world.
Sis and bro for being part of my family.
My bros and sis in W350 AND N405 for being part of my life.
My other bros and sis in Christ for having walked this life of mine with me, supporting me wiht prayers.
My army friends, for making my life in NS and enjoyable ones
Friends who have known me for being part of my life.
Resolutions for 2009:
1. Walk stronger in my faith with God(get water baptised in January)
2. Be more spiritual (get rid of bad habits)
3. Stop relying too much on my parents
4. Family salvation
5. SOT
6. Rise up and be a cell group leader
7. Do exceptionally well for my studies
8.Engage the marketplace for His glory
9. Earn my first $3000



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