Friday, December 26, 2008

A Blessed Christmas

Christmas is the day when our Svior Jesus Christ was born into this world. God gave mankind His most precious-His only Son Jesus to this world we are living, so that through Him the world will be saved by the blood He shed. During this festive season, gifts are exchanged amongst friends and relatives. Beautiful neon lights can be seen all over the streets. The lights on the street light up the whole place. Pastor was sharing on the light of Christ that will light up the 4 areas of darkness in our life.

1. The dark days of disappointment

2. The dark days of doubts

3. The dark days of distress

4. The darks days of depression.

Friends, no mattter what situations you may be in, no matter how bad the situation can be, remember there is no darkness that the light of God cannot disperse. Jesus has come to give us life and life more abundantly. His light will illuminate the dark and grey areas of our life. This Christmas, let Jesus be our light and let us not live this life of ours being bondaged by our pasts, the darkness of our life.

Blessings this christmas

This Christmas has been awesome. I have received so many blessings.

1. Checkered Zara hooded jacket

2. Pinky checkered scarf

3. Adidas tolietries set

4. CK brief(lol)

5. Little green dustbin

6. CG Photo

7. Well-wishes cards

8. many many more!

Till then shall blog more!



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