Tuesday, March 10, 2009

JObless and broke

Life have somehow been back to its normality after ORD. Now i am jobless and broke. Perhaps i would just extend ORD until April... well that means i will have to do stand-by with the rest. So either way it is not very pleseant. So life have been swim and gym, run and swim, gym and run. What else? Church, cell group, prayer meeting, meet up with friends, lazing at home, watching anime, cook for family. I am quite enjoying my life now. But on the contrary i could not enjoy much when i am in deep financial crisis. But i shall not worry, for my Father in heaven will provide but that does not mean i sit down at homw and wait for money to drop from heaven. No i ams till givng tution... so i hope it will get my by until April at least.

So when school starts, i will ahve less time for recreation. Given the school time table, it is like back to my college days, just that now i have more freedom and not bondaged to school uniforms. Anyway it is going to be fun to be studyin on an island resort. nOW I am counting down tot the orientation day which is like one month away! Wow new people, new environment and new culture! I am getting all psyched up. So i think i will just at home for the time being. Being in NS the past 1 YEAR 10 MONTHS had devoided me of many things that i wanted to do. So currently,i just want to swim and gym all i can and have a few gatherings with my friends. Put job aside and just enjoy this short break that i am having now.

On a serious note, the recession have been going from bad to worst and millions of people have been jobless since 2007 in American alone. I really thank God that papa still is securing his job of 20 over years. So now i am being ag good child, staying at home, helpin out with some house chores and cook whenever papa not around. i have also been practising my guitar even though i am still playing horribly, but one day i shall play it well.

My prayer of the day: God give us this day our daily bread, provide us with more than enough to fill our household with abundance in these days of darkness. While we are being blessed, let us also bless those who are in need. I pray that the world will get over with this financial crisis soon. In the name of i pray. Amen.



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