Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summary thus far

WOW! I can see layers and layers of cobweb and dust piling up on my blog! Sorry darling, have been quite lethargic to blog recently. Well today i am here to clean you up!

Time really flies, looking back, it is already 4 months since i have left the Army; it's been almost 3 months at TAS; It's been almost 4 years since i first accepted Christ; it's been almost 8 years since i left ATS, 5 years since i left NSS and 3 years since i left YJC. All of the these are the turning points in my life where i would be moving on further in life. Along the way, there were valley experience filled with darkness and anguish. Along the way, there were sanguine and ecstatic moments. Either way i believe i have transformed as a person.

God have been awesome in my life. Opportunities come one after another, let's hope that these are not a passing fad but rather they are here to last. Let the desire and dream be transformed into passion and passion into real works covered with faith that bring forth life! First is i got into a modelling agency then a pageant then now another one coming- Silosohotbods 2009! I have never imagined that i would get into the final. Indeed God is doing something great in my life and i believe more is to come. Recently, i was also nominated by my course to be the TP student model, let's hope that i will really get to be their model this year. Iam currently waiting for Carries model to contact me. If everything goes well, i think i will get a reply by the end of this month.

Academic-wise, i have been doing very well too. So far i got almost full marks for test and i believe i am going to do well for my mid-term test as well!

Spiritually-wise, i believe the Songs and Solomon sermon have really lifted me up to another level with God. Recently i just got 2 people saved@! Praise the Lord and i believe more will be coming soon!

After all i am still a sinner, that is why i need the grace of God to abound greatly in my life. That it is His mercy and grace that i am able to held my head high to face my past failures and imperfection in life. His cross prevails and cancel the penalty of sin. He is resurrected to cancel the power of sin.Thank God for all the wonderful things in my life. Be it good or bad, my God is good and will always will be. Till then i shall blog more! Before i go take a look at some of the photos i have yea!

My beloved W350 AND FRENS!

mY HAIR-CUT bubby Jacob!

The cute vietnamese consiracy and me!

Fahmi- the guy who brought me into the gateway of modelling

Beloved Bravo BTY 21 SA

Jia jia- one of my best army mates

Ogalinola- My good filippino sister in CHrist!

Elvin and Edison- My awesome China Brothers!

Lingz- my good sis in Christ and HAna- my 'long lost' malay sister haha


mE!~!!! and my hot bod! haha

Sorry there are so many people in my life that i want to feature. For the next few entries, i shall feauture all those people who have come across my life. Til then cya!


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