Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I do not know how to end the story....

Haha this is crappy but i do not know what ending should i give it. I have thought of so many endings and all of them are ultra sad. When i have reckon which one would be the best, i will continue with the story. Meanwhile let me update you guys with my life once again(Oh boring ar?)

A summary of what happened so far:

1) ORD on 110209- Beginning of my civilian life

2) Joined the strikeforce ministry on mid March

3) Got my first runway assignment on 200309

4) Was notified that i was in the final for faceof2009.

5) Tioman trip on 29 to 310309

6) Enrol into Tourism Academy at Sentosa on 060409.

7) pri school classmate gathering at Holland V NYDC

So many thinga had happened since i ORD. A new phase of life have just began and i am starting to miss those days back int he Army. Now i am back as a student. I need to burry myself in piles and piles of books and assignments soon!

Along this life of mine, there are people who had made lasting impression in my heart and left. There are people who i have once been very close with, deviated away from me. There are new found buddies and new friendship being forged.There are friends whom we have lost contact with, being found back again. This is life, it is always in a constant change. After all, change is the only constant in life.

New friendship are being forged in the Strikeforce:

Lost and found

Pri school friends

New friends at new School

Frineds that have reconnected:)

And of course there are friendship that still are going strong!

Notice no guys ar... coz most of my bros don take pics! haha

Then is my tioman trip

As you can see from the pics, we realli had lots of fun at Tioman, from trekking to snorkeling to good foods and picturesque views, Tioman have it all in one! While we were snorkeling, i saw this cute sea turtle on my way back to the boat! It was busily munching on the corals and the fishes happily eating its shell away. Haha poor fella din realise that? Too bad i din bring a underwater cam with me....

As u can see so many things are happening in my life right now. I am coping with the many changes well and am looking forward to my new school life and to making more new friends to enlarge my social circle. No man is an island, and all the more we need people around us, to help us grow, to better appreciate the beauty of life.Adding to that point, we need a life partner too! When will i ever get one? Well soon ba.....

Till then will blog more!



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