Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Invisible Love Chapter 2: She is like......

Overlooking the road, just across this cafeteria, used to be a florist shop. I was still a university student working part time as a waiter then. I would stop by for awhile whenever i was serving this table. Because, at the florist shop, was a beautiful young lady. Everytime, i looked at her, my heart beat accelerate. There was this tinge of indescribable sensation flowing throughout my body. Then, i was uncertain if i was in love. I do not know the feeling of falling in love. She was first one who gave me this sensation- something that i had never once experienced before.

She is like a glaring star. She literally lights up the entire shop. She always have that demure smile on her face. She always look so carefree. Days, months went by. I was still continuing my 'peeping tom' act.I do not know if she ever realised it. Sometimes, i noticed she would look into my direction, but never met my eyes. Maybe it had been before, perhaps i did not notice. Still, she still appeared so radiant to me. I never had the courage to go up to her. I was afraid, doubtful, lost. I was fearful of the rejection and risk that would come with it.

I was just a coward. I do not have that courage in me to step out the first step, to make the first move. One year went by, and i was still looking from across the restaurant, hoping one day i will make the move. But it will never again.

What happened? Stay tuned for chapter 3: It was like....



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