Monday, March 16, 2009

Project Love 1

I am getting a bit frustrated right now. I am super duper ultra bored to almost dying. To think at this mundane period, i still can think of writing love story. Haha God sure have His way of conveying message to us. Hmm so this is the beginning of my 3 series Project love. The first story begins with a conversation of a grand father and his grand daughter.
Invisible Love

Chapter 1: Love is like....

He remembered vividly still on that fateful day what took place. With a cup of coffee in his hand, he look out through the glass panel. Little Danielle is puzzled. She has a lot of questions in her mind. She wonders what is Grandpa thinking of. Being a 15 years old, she display a maturity of a 18 years old.

"Gramp, what is love to you?" Danielle asked.

Louis was startled by the sudden question by his grand daughter. He continued staring out of the glass panel, keeping silent. Now,Danielle is abit frustrated.

"Gramp, you are quiet the whole time. Something on your mind? Please tell me will you?" Danielle exasperated.

Louis return his glance on the coffee. "Love is just like this cup of coffee. You will never know how it taste like until you dare to try it.How sweet it is, how bitter it is, you will know only if you are willing to drink a sip. But in my life time, i have never dare to really go and taste love.I have never even dare to take up that cup of coffee......"

Now Danielle is even more puzzled by Louis' profound understanding of love.

"A cup of coffee to love.... Gramp you sure have a sense of humor.To me love is... i donno... i have never fall in love with any other guys." Her voice suddenly become softer, almost inaudible. She blushed.

"Silly girl! Your day will come. When the day comes, don let it slip by!" Louis grinned from ear to ear. Then he begins......

To be continued....

Till then, stay tuned for the next sequel : She is like...



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