Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We are the Ambassadors of Sentosa!!

It is a interesting enough concept to have a hotel school situated at a resort island, moreover to be studying there. The past 1 weeks plus during the orientation were eventful and happening. Thank God that i have found favor with my new classmates and friends over there. I really believed God have placed me here for a purpose. Everyone of us has a purpose and it is only whether you are daring enough to realise it and seeing your purpose being executed.

During the first two days of orientation, i have become good buddies with two china brothers. I also got myself a burmese Korean teacher! Wow praise the lord! I am sure i will enjoy the rest of the two years. Indefinitely, not everything will be smooth throughout and that is how we grow to be a better person through hardship and tough times. I believe now is just the honeymoon period. When school starts, things will be very different. Whatever it is, i pray that I will shine for Him in my studies and impact many lives over there.

Today Ms Susila taught us of the star values of our school and how we can be a good host to those visiting Sentosa. We are not just a student but also the ambassadors for Sentosa. So guys let;s put on a smile and be ever ready to offer the extra miles for service!

A few glimpse of my new friends and new school life.....

First two days

3RD day of orientation onwards

Tired after a half day tour... still needa go visit museum!

The orientation is still going on and i am being appointed the class monitor. Oh a troublesome job but i will still do my very best to serve my classmates well.
Lord i pray use me in a greater way, than i can ever imagine of. That through me, many life will be impacted and transformed. Help me to be a better person and shine for you in my studies. The road ahead may be tough but i not afraid for i know You are with me always even to the end fo the age. In the name of Jesus Amen!
Till then will update ya more!



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