Saturday, February 20, 2010

My New Skin, A New Chapter in my life

It's been eons(not that exaggerating actually..) since i had last blogged in erhmm God knows when.I had decided to do without my old skin and settle for a rather simplistic ones.

1 year plus had passed since I ORD from the unit. In the past one year, i had expereince many things. Along the way, new friendships are forged and old friends are lost. Nevertheless, life will still have to go on. There are friends that appear in my life for months and it felt like years and friends who are with me for years and it felt like months. The point i am trying to make here is that friendship is cannot be measured by time alone. Sadly to say, the people who knows you well, sometimes are people who will leave you after a short period of time(Ha isn't that ironic?) Indefinitely be the time together be short or long, there are lessons that i had drawn from all these friends.

One thing never changes- You will grow old no matter what(unless you are vampire!) God had preplanned things in life to happen that way so do not ask why. One year had passed and i hoped i had changed a bit more. One year had gone by, i hope relationships around me will be strengthened.

How am i going to start this new chapter of my life? I don't know but i know He is there for me.



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